Our Wellness department provides the most effective and advanced medical technology with high competitive doctors and medical staffs. Our aim is to encourage you to be in a good health by having annual checkup regularly.  We have varieties of checkup package to suite your age and gender.
Our Services
  1. Physical Examinations
  2. Patient history assessments
  3. Laboratory Examination
  4. Radiological diagnosis
    - Radiology and Fluoroscopy services
    - Color flow ultrasound and vascular imaging
    - Mammography
    - Magnetic resonance imaging and a computed tomography (CT)
    - Nuclear medicine
    - Bone densitometry & body fat% and distribution calculation
  5. Cardiac assessments
      - Electrocardiogram (EKG)
      - Exercise stress testing (EST)
  6. Gynecology consultations at the Women’s Health Department
    - PAP smears with “Thin Prep” accuracy

      - Mammography & breast exams
  7. Eye examination at the Eye Center
  8. Dental examination at the Dental Center
  9. Hearing Screening
  10. Pulmonary function test
We also provide the special checkup program for the following;
  •  Health Screening for insurance
  •  Pre-employment health screening checkup
  •  Health Check-up for Corporate Employee
  •  Pre-Marital check-up
  •  Pre-Pregnancy check-up
Facilities and Equipment
  •  Examination rooms for private consultation and physical exams
  •  VIP examination suite& VIP Lounge
  •  Phlebotomy stations
  •  Pelvic exam suite
  •  Complete imaging & Lab facilities
Service Hour;
Monday to Friday: 07:00 am to 17:00 am
Saturday to Sunday: 07:00 am to 17:00 pm
The Wellness Department is located on the G th floor of Krabi Nakharin International Hospital
Contact us : 075-626-555 ext. 1133 - 1135