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  1. check This online doctor appointment is not a confirmation of the appointment
  1. check  the hospital staff will contact you back within 3 days for more further information the appointment confirmation
  1. check Appointment information might change according to the specialist available time. The hospital staff will contact you back again for the confirmation.
  1. check Please kindly make the online doctor appointment 3 days in advance.
  1. check The online doctor appoitment is not acceptable for emergency case or the appointment from different clinics within the same day. -In case of emegency service or you have to see the specialislist within 24 hrs, please kindly contact the hospital number +66(0)75-626-555 extension EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

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  1. please kindly contact Marketing Department, Krabi Nakharin International Hospita
  2. 1 Pisarnpob Rd, Paknam, Muang Krabi, Krabi 81000.
  3. Tel: +66(0)75-626-555 ext.3207
  4. E-mail : info@krabinakharin.co.th

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