Physical Therapy Department provides modern equipment with the effective treatment result. We offer you the proficient doctors and physiotherapists to treat numbness in the arms, hands, and, legs that caused by herniated disc, strained nerves, frozen shoulder, paralysis, and etc. Here are our modern types of equipment;

1.US (helps to reduce pain and inflammation of the muscles)
2.SWD (provides deep heating from electric and magnetic fields to reduce pain and inflammation)
3.LASER (reduces pain and inflammation of the tendons)
4.TRACTION (helps to reduce pain, and numbness in patients who has fractured bones or cervical nerve)
5.Shockwave Therapy (It is a high efficiency to treat patients who are in chronic pain. We use the process to stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Service Hour
Monday to Sunday 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.


Physical Therapy Department is located on 2 floor, KrabiNakharin International

Contact Us
075-626-555 ext. 1202