We assist our patients by coordinating with their insurance providers oversea/ assistant companies/ claim agents regarding their guarantee of payment for the admission and medical expenses (excluding personal expenses).

In-patient services

Kindly provide us the following documents before your admission;

  1. 1.Passport or copy of passport.
  2. 2.Insurance card / certificate or copy of insurance card / certificate.

Our international service coordinators will assist you to contact with your insurance providers oversea/ assistant company/ claim agents to get the guarantee of payment.

Please be noted that the confirmation of the admission coverage from your insurance providers will normally be sent to us by email or fax within 24 hours if the policy covers. However, the delay might occur depends on;

Checked-4  Terms and conditions of your policy

Checked-4  Differences time zone, holidays or weekends

If we do not receive the guarantee of payment within your discharge date due to the delay of your insurance providers’ process, you are required to pay the medical bill in full amount either by cash or credit card then get the reimbursement from your insurance provider directly when you return to your home country.

Please be informed that you may be required to pay for some medical expenses or other expenses such as telephone calls, extra food or other services that are not covered by your insurance company.

** We do not accept government benefit insurance or social security insurance**
** The required documents must be submitted within your admission period. We do not process the claim once you have been discharged**

Out-patient services

We do contact your insurance company for your follow-up visit coverage after you have been discharged from the hospital only.

Required documents for the follow-up visit;

  1. 1.Passport or copy of passport.
  2. 2.Insurance card / certificate or copy of insurance card / certificate.

One-day-visit (with no previous hospitalization): Please contact your insurance provider for the guarantee of payment before visiting our hospital.


Contact detail of our International service department;

电信: info@krabinakharin.co.th

电话号码: (+66)(0)75-626-555 (外国人服务处:打按 1147,1153)